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Over the last three years Solomon Coyle has conducted a quarterly Market Outlook Survey providing forward-looking intelligence to the contract interiors industry by capturing furniture dealers’ sentiments regarding Bookings, Billings and Backlogs, as well as Pipeline Activity. In this webinar, hear from Solom Colyle team speakers on the business impact of having this data.

Now this same valuable resource has been customized and is being made available to the Office Products industry – for free.

Solomon Coyle is the leading provider of research services, professional development, and management consulting for contract furniture dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and installation companies.

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Whether you sell to businesses or the government, the likelihood is that your buyers are on LinkedIn. And if you are not there with them, someone else is encroaching on your customer base.

There are 850 million LinkedIn members worldwide and 190 million in the US. with 2.7 million of those in the Federal government.

This session will provide an overview for:

Setting goals (what do you want to accomplish on LinkedIn)
LinkedIn profile basics
Who to connect with, why, and how
Plus, a few tips on how to spend your time wisely on LinkedIn.

Speaker: Mark Amtower

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A Diversification Play you Can't Ignore

In these times where change is all around us, there are many opportunities for your company to diversify its offering. In this webinar, we will be discussing business-practice trends and how your customers are changing in the face of high inflation, employment challenges, and supply-chain disasters. This is especially true as it relates to the ink and toner category, and has resulted in record MPS growth with your SMB and mid-market customers. Selling toner on a contracted basis (MPS) will continue to grow at a rapid rate, and it’s all because the needs of your customers are different now. Join us to explore what is changing, why you need to include MPS in your portfolio, and how easy adding managed print to your business can be!

About the Speaker: Brian Stevenson
Founder, Managed Print Services Association, Director of Technology & Managed Services, Independent Suppliers Group (ISG)

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How to Drive Success by Optimizing Your Digital Showroom

Online shopping has become the go-to purchase experience for today’s customers in both B2B and B2C environments. The e-commerce industry is still growing by leaps and bounds. With over 300 million consumers expected to shop online this year, the stakes could not be higher.

GfK Etilize is the world’s largest provider of optimized product content. This presentation focuses on how to increase your sales and conversions using optimized product content. For members without websites, GfK includes background and suggestions.

This webinar covers:

Components to include within your product content page for best results
How to manage your product content consistently and efficiently
How to integrate A+ content into your sales strategy
Industry insights and statistics on the proven success of A+ content
View the slides from this webinar here.

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Cyber Security for SMB's - How to Protect Yourself

In today’s business climate, with COVID-19 causing an increase in cyber criminality, you may be taking a hard look at your business software and processes. Learning more about cloud-hosting, its benefits, challenges, scalability, and security may give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

During this thought-leadership webinar, ECI’s Chief Information Officer, Brian Winters, will provide a session on the cyber vulnerabilities, their business impact, and steps you can take to prevent a data breach especially now when the risks are unusually high.

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IOPFDA Member Benefits Employee Health Insurance Program

Join Mike Tucker, Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association (IOPFDA) Executive Director, and TJ Bullock, ISSA Member Benefits Advisor, for a preview of ISSA’s new member health care plans. These plans will provide IOFDA member companies with affordable and customizable medical insurance for their employees. 

See benefits and costs for multiple off the shelf programs for businesses of all sizes, including programs that cover 1099 and part-time employees. Also, programs for larger companies (20 or more employees) that return savings of 20% or more compared to standard coverage.

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Advocacy Webinars

Review & Overview of NDAA Section 846s - Ecommerce Marketplace
Mike Tucker, President & CEO, IOPFDA and Paul Miller, Director of Government Relations, IOPFDA

In this webinar, the speakers recapped the status of the bill and NOPA’s efforts to ensure that the interests of Independent Dealers are protected.

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Technology Webinars

Cyber Attacks- Is your Business Protected?
Mike Tucker, President & CEO, IOPFDA and Juan Fernandez (CIO, ABM Federal)

Learn more about the issues that affect your business and how you can protect it from them

  • Unpatched Server and Software Vulnerabilities
  • Account Takeover
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Social Engineering and Email Spoofing
  • Virus
  • Cloud Stack, Shadow IT, Mobility Vulnerabilities
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The Dangers of Selling Counterfeit, Gray Market and Black Market Imaging Supplies
Mike Tucker, President & CEO, NOPA and Allen Westerfield, President, Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC)

Commercial Counterfeiting of trademarked and copyrighted products is a multi-billion dollar problem for international business. There is a rising problem across the globe of pirated imaging supplies and fraudulent misinterpretation of genuine OEM products. Learn about this growing problem and how to protect your business and yourself for the harm caused by counterfeit goods and fraud.

When in Doubt . . . Check it Out

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Top Five Critical Elements to Profitably Grow Public Sector Business
Mike Tucker, President & CEO, IOPFDA and John DiPisa, Founder & CEO / BidDesk Analytics

NOPA recently entered into a partnership with Bid Desk Analytics created to give NOPA members a distinct competitive advantage in gaining more, and more profitable, public sector bid business. The partnership will allow NOPA members to have free access to valuable, hard-to-find competitor pricing data for the top 20% of U.S. state, local, K-12 school and higher education public sector contracts. Members will receive 20% off full access to the Bid Desk Data Platform and support team services to dig even deeper into the data, maximizing their competitive advantage in the public sector market.

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Welcome to the Jungle
Mike Tucker, President & CEO, IOPFDA and Tricia Judge, Executive Director of International Imaging and Technology Council

Patent Infringement Lawsuits have been introduced by industry giants like HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark. Toxins in plastic cores from Asia are causing safety and health concerns. Learn more about these issues and how to better protect your business.

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