2021-2022 IOPFDA Scholarship Recipients

IOPFDA Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The IOPFDA Scholarship Committee released the names of the students who will be receiving 2021 scholarships from the organization.  

Chaired by IOPFDA President, Charlie Kennedy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kennedy Office Supply in Raleigh, North Carolina, the IOPFDA Scholarship Committee, which awards the scholarships, was pleased to award $50,000to students in the U.S.

“On behalf of the IOPFDA, I would like to congratulate these outstanding students. Each of these young men and women have demonstrated intelligence, leadership, and motivation.  We believe each student will continue their development in college to on to impact the future positively.  It is an honor for us to make an investment in these students, and we extend our best wishes to each of the new IOPFDA Scholars and their families,” said Kennedy.

The top four students will receive the following scholarship awards:

The top four students will receive the following scholarship awards:

 Recipient Name  Member Organization
Eliana Levy ($5,000 scholarship) Global Office Solutions
Ashley Nieman ($4,000 scholarship) Eakes Office Solution
David Eusebio ($3,000 scholarship) Office Express
Jada Strickland ($2,000 scholarship) S.P. Richards

The following students will receive a $1,000 scholarship award!

Recipient Name Member Organization Recipient Name Member Organization
Nancy Ballard GOPD Cameron Kilpatrick S.P. Richards
Macey Wilton Wilton’s Office Works Grace Snakenberg S.P. Richards
Venessa Yefimchuk S.P. Richards Aidan Lindon Smead
Katie Henderson iOffice/iCopy LLC Kael Estes Coastal Office Solutions
Colton Porter Porter’s Office Products Morgan Huelsmann Essendant
Mikayla Wright Forms & Supply Inc. Macey Kravil S.P. Richards
Ryan Fry Guernsey Officed Products Dillon McKinney Eakes Office Solution
Abbie Dicken Smead Matthew Coleman S.P. Richards
Gina Melaragni Essendant Taylor Phillips Essendant
Kelly Layden S.P. Richards Jocie Mash Smead
Barrett Broome Young Office Caleb Magee Leavenworth Paper & Office Supply
Beverly De Dual OEC Office Equipment Co. Madeline DeDual OEC Office Equipment Co.
Gabriel Volz Ritters Office Outfitters Mollie Hludik Warren’s Office Supply
Melanie Martinez Essendant Layla May Essendant
Logan Salcido Stinson’s Distribution Center Kacie Whitley Benton-Thomas Office Products
Bryan Grinde Essendant Tyreke Green McCartney’s Inc.
Kagan Estes Coastal Office Solutions Anastasia Baird Essendant
Elena Shulikov S.P. Richards Mohamed Taylor S.P. Richards