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Amazon Library

The Amazon Library is a resource menu for Independent Dealers to stay up to date with Amazon's movements in the industry. Members have access to an Amazon Data Feed powered by OPSoftware, LLC which is updated monthly based on the activity of over 400 independent dealers currently using our website. You also have access to training guides and legislative resources to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to protect your small business against the threats of Amazon. 

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Government Advocacy Resources

NOPA provides members with information to stay up to date with our Small Business Government Advocacy initiatives. This resource exists to keep you informed with procurement updates federal government policies that could affect your business. 

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Webinar Recordings

One of the benefits of NOPA membership is complimentary registration to all NOPA webinars and access to their recordings after they have been presented. Topics covered include: Cyber Security, Counterfeit, Amazon Education, and more! Check out the online calendar for upcoming webinar dates. 

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Organization Logos

For over 110 years, members continue to take pride in being a member of the organization. Download the NOPA logo and proudly display it on your website, social media and/or email signature line to show your commitment and involvement with NOPA and set your company apart from your competition.

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Newsletters & Independent Dealer Archive

Members receive monthly e-newsletters which provide latest association information, industry news, and legal regulatory updates. Additionally, NOPA members receive access to Independent Dealer which is an industry publication that provides in -depth coverage of dealer success stories and growth opportunities. 

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Counterfeit Resources

Commercial Counterfeiting of trademarked and copyrighted products is a multi-billion dollar problem for international business. There is a rising problem across the globe of pirated imaging supplies and fraudulent misinterpretation of genuine OEM products. Use these resources to learn more about this growing problem and how to protect your business and yourself for the harm caused by counterfeit goods and fraud.

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