FTC confirms Depot refunds

FTC Confirms Depot Refunds

(FEBRUARY 21, 2020) More than half a million US consumers will receive refunds related to Office Depot’s alleged misuse of computer check-up software.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has confirmed that around 541,000 cheques averaging $63.35 each are being mailed out to Office Depot customers throughout the country who were allegedly “tricked” into paying for PC tech services they did not require. The FTC had already reached a $35 million agreement on this matter with the office supplier and its software provider Support.com last year.

The FTC’s interactive dashboard for refund data shows that Florida represents the highest number of refund recipients with more than 63,600, followed by California (59,295) and Texas (58,640). That is not surprising given they are the three states with the highest number of Office Depot stores.

In a statement to OPI, Office Depot confirmed the response it made when the settlement with the FTC was first announced.

“Office Depot’s settlement […] resolves an investigation relating to a computer diagnostic service that was offered to Office Depot and OfficeMax customers prior to December 2016. While Office Depot does not admit to any wrongdoing regarding the FTC’s allegations, the company believes that the settlement is in its best interest in order to avoid protracted litigation. - (OPI)