Avery Wins Counterfeit Case

Avery Wins Counterfeit Case

Avery has announced a favorable judgement from the Ohio State Court after an almost two-year legal battle against sellers of counterfeit labels.

The manufacturer discovered counterfeit goods being sold on Amazon in 2017. It took swift action to prevent rogue manufacturers from exploiting – and possibly damaging – the Avery brand, filing a lawsuit in November of that year. At the end of August 2019, the court ruled that the defendants had sold counterfeit products as third-party sellers on Amazon and were “willfully infringing on the Avery trademark and engaging in deceptive trade practices”.

The court entered a monetary judgement against both defendants and issued an injunction that bars the counterfeiters and anyone working with them from selling counterfeits.

“Our customer care team noticed a sudden and unusual spike in returns on products that normally receive high ratings from consumers,” said Avery President Mark Cooper. “We devote considerable energy to rigorous research, development and testing to ensure consumers receive the highest quality products possible, and the returns were inconsistent with our long-standing reputation.”

He added: “[The counterfeiters] were trading on the reputation we’ve built with more than 80 years of innovation and commitment to our customers’ needs. We are very pleased with this judgement and will continue to be vigilant in protecting our trade customers and consumers.” — (OPI)