What's Causing Toner Consumables Sales To Slump Globally?

What's Causing Toner Consumables Sales To Slump Globally?

In the ever-changing Toner Consumables industry landscape, a new twist is taking the industry by storms. Slow drastic sales are dragging down many OEM manufacturers, remanufacturers, Chinese cloners, distributors and resellers all around the globe. Word on the street is that some very big prominent internet resellers are experiencing a 50% drop in sales, this is causing a cataclysm to the many businesses that supply these businesses and probably shows a good example of things to come for the future of Print in our Industry.

In our opinion there are many reasons for this trend, let's look at the big picture so you can determine your own conclusion.

The Trump trade war, this has caused our elected leaders to rethink global trade at all levels and it's affecting the way countries work or don't work with each other.

Chinese Cloned Toners flooding every continent around the globe, this over production and stocking by their resellers has caused a huge dump in prices directly from Chinese factories.

High priced OEM Toner consumables has not helped the many channel distributors of these OEM goods. There is no-way OEM's can compete at all levels especially online where prices from Chinese toner cloner resellers can be as low as $10ea for and end-user.

OEM Canon is successfully getting hundreds of Chinese toner cloner resellers off the Amazon platform and suing their European managing directors. This has not helped resellers of these Chinese products, especially in Europe where Canon is still on a rampage looking for Chinese Toner Cloner resellers to this day.

The lack of OEM empty toners and inks for remanufacturing has frustrated honest remanufacturers around the globe. There is never really enough empties for what’s left of this industry and that’s why some have turned to reselling Chinese Clone toners or mixing clones and their parts with their own production.

Amazon playing favoritism with certain companies and turning a blind eye to fair and balanced activities on their platform. As long as Amazon get it's 15% commission they don't really care about the inner workings of most industries.

Hp's constant firmware updates are causing many end-user frustrations and are making the aftermarket constantly redo the chips that control these toner supplies, this is a common setback for production in the aftermarket.

Millennials and many businesses around the globe have successfully transformed their ways to a paperless movement and it's working!

Most of these events are contributing factors that are causing a major slowdown in the toner consumables industry and are affecting global sales directly, one good factor in the U.S. is that the GSA buying season has started and this will help some business to get through the rest of the year. — (TonerNews)