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Free Access to Competitor Pricing on Top Public Sector Contracts through Bid Desk Analytics

As a benefit of your NOPA membership, gain a competitive advantage in winning more, and more profitable, state, local, K-12 school and higher education (SLED) bid business through access to Bid Desk Analytics data.

Bid Desk Analytics gives NOPA members 24/7 access to Topline Data, a quick reference tool that allows you to make informed decisions and maximize profitability when participating in public sector bid business:

  • Get a last look at comparable competitor prices before responding to a request for pricing on public sector contract business
  • Use Topline Data price checks to avoid bidding too low and leaving money on the table 
  • Look up comparable competitor pricing to ensure you don’t bid too high and lose potentially valuable business over a few pennies 

In addition, as a NOPA member, get a 20% discount on full access to Bid Desk Analytics’ Data Platform, which features customized views of public sector contract profiles and details, competitor sku matching and upcoming bid pipelines, as well access to Bid Desk’s support team to help you monetize the data.

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Get free access now to Bid Desk's Topline Data simply by entering your NOPA username/business email address.